Recordings Reveal Caronna Would Do ‘Anything’ to be With Mistress

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(Memphis) Joseph Caronna told his girlfriend he unconditionally loved her and they were connected at the soul. 

Recordings of this have some people believing he would kill his wife Tina to be with his mistress.

"Rebecca, do you know I would do anything in the world for you?" said Caronna. 

The packed courtroom heard those recordings of Joe Caronna's private conversations with his mistress Becky black. 

In the recording Caronna told Becky he would give up everything to be with her, "And when I say everything I mean nothing is important without you."

Caronna was Becky and her husband's sunday school teacher when they met. 

The two had a ten-year affair, and for months after his wife Tina was murdered, he begged Becky to leave her husband to be with him. 

"I just want you to know that the only thing that matters in life is you," said Caronna. 

In the recordings, Caronna told Becky he fell in love with her the moment he met her, and at the time he was married to Tina.  

"You are my description of love," Caronna told Black. 

"Do you love me more than you did her?" asked Black.

"Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I love you more than I've loved anybody. As a matter of fact I would go on to say I never loved anybody until I met you," answered Caronna. 

Caronna told Becky she was his soulmate.  

Then she asked if he killed Tina for her. 

"I didn't do it ok.  When I say I would do anything for you I wouldn't do that," said Caronna. 

Police got the recording because Becky agreed to work with them, because she was frightened at how insistent Caronna was being about her leaving her husband.