Scientists Send Out Warning Following Earthquake

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(Memphis) Monday morning, an earthquake was felt all around the Mid-South.

It Hit Arkansas, Rattled Memphis, Collierville, Southaven, even the Missouri Bootheel.

" I felt the house shake it was probably only for a second a second in half," said Southaven resident, Tim Durham.

At the Center for the Earthquake Research an Information, Gary Patterson says the 3.9 magnitude earthquake is about 20 miles from the New Madrid Seismic Zone he's studying.

That's only happened a handful of times in the last 40 years. 

" We are always learning and scientists need to air on the side of caution when we talk about earthquakes because they can be so devastating," said Patterson.

Now, with information researches are collecting they are hoping  to better predict hoe big and where the ground will shake in the future, hoping to keep you prepared and ultimately safe.

"Building codes are the best way to prepare for future earthquakes," said Patterson.

Shelby County is expected to adopt those building codes over the next year, but Patterson says you should also prepare and suggests creating an earthquake game plan for your family. He calls it "duck and cover."

Patterson advises to get underneath a table and hold on the legs of the table.

The table top will protect your head.

While you may have felt the ground shake for just a second, Patterson says if you are prepared, it shouldnt shake your confidence.