Mother Arrested After Punching Teenager In Face

(Germantown, TN)  Police arrested Meredith Phillip Ross saying she punched a 17-year old girl in the face.

According to a police report, it happened in the self checkout lane at a grocery store on Exeter Road.

The report stated Ross started yelling at the teen and her boyfriend, cornered them, and punched the girl to the point she fell off her feet.

Germantown Police told News Channel 3 Ross claimed she hit the teen because of a long-standing fight between the teen and Ross' own daughter.

She reportedly felt her child was being bullied and apparently took matters into her own hand.

Dr. Jeffrey Hamsley is a psychologist in Collierville.

He says parents will do anything to protect their children.

He says when you feel like they're being bullied you still must act appropriately, as difficult as that might be, "When humans lose their temper it's because they've lost control. It sounds like this mom got a little fired up and acted out", said Hamsley.

Ross declined to talk about the incident, so did the teen victim's parent.

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