Jailhouse Informant Says Caronna Confessed to Him

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(Memphis) In the fifth day of testimony an inmate took the stand delivering the biggest blow to Joe Caronna yet in this trial. 

Inmate John Bowers told the jury he and Caronna shared a holding cell together in 2010. 

Caronna told him he killed his wife by putting a bag over her head in their garage and duct taped it causing her to suffocate. 

The informant says Caronna told him he put Tina in his truck then dropped it off behind the driver’s license center in Bartlett.

That’s where she was found two days later. 

Bowers says Caronna then had to figure out how to get back home without anyone catching on. 

Caronna told Bowers he left one of his classic cars on the street because his neighbor had security cameras and he wanted them to think he was home.

“He told me that he hitched a ride back. Paid someone thirty or forty dollars and he hitched a ride with somebody right there and got a ride back to Countrywood,” said Bowers. 

Bowers says he asked Caronna why he did it and Carona responded they had been arguing for a month straight and he snapped. 

Bowers says Caronna brought it up because Bowers was telling him he wanted to kill his girlfriend.  

Bowers is in federal prison on conspiracy to manufacture meth and says the state has not guaranteed him any deals for testifying.