Caronna’s Mistress Testifies Against Him 

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(Memphis) From the beginning of this trial the state said Joe Caronna wasn't faithful to his wife Tina before she died in 2008.

Now witnesses are showing just how unfaithful Caronna was and what it has to do with this case. 

Janet Vanelli says she had an affair with Joe Caronna just months before his wife Tina was found dead.

"He said they were going through marriage troubles. No sex. Pretty much loveless," said Vanelli. 

Vanelli says the one time fling happened at the Caronna's home in Bartlett in May of 2008.  

Five months later the day before Tina disappeared Joe opened up to her again.

"He said that Tina might be having an affair. He thought that anyway," said Vanelli. 

The day Tina's body was found Vanelli went over to console Joe.  She says the house smelt like bleach, and Caronna was on the defensive. 

"We were standing by our vehicles and he looked at us and said 'I just want y'all to know I did not kill her.  I wouldn't harm her,'" said Vanelli. 

The husband  of another mistress of Caronna's named Becky Black also took the stand Monday. 

Bruce Black says his wife isn't the only thing Caronna took from him. 

"This is a check from my personal account made out for $25,000 to Caronna Investments. And this was for an annuity," said Black. 

That check was for his grandson's college tuition, but Black says Caronna scammed him out of it. 

Several fraud investigators also testified today and say Caronna forged Tina's signature and withdrew a $30,000 annuity. 

He deposited it into his account just ten days after she died.

The state is expected to rest their case Tuesday.