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Neighbors Rescue Couple from Burning Home

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(Memphis)  A group of neighbors in a Fox Meadows neighborhood are being hailed as heroes after rescuing an elderly couple from their burning home.

The fire broke out just after midnight Thursday morning in the 3000 block of Basswood St., which is a few blocks south of the intersection of Cottonwood and Clearbrook.

Firefighters say the fire began in the garage and quickly spread to the roof, trapping the couple who lived there inside.

Luckily, neighbors noticed the flames and ran over to help them out.

They broke a window and pulled the couple to safety.

Larry Redwood, one of the neighbors who helped in the rescue, told us he doesn’t consider himself a hero.

“I did what I think any average person with a sane mind would do. If you see someone that needs help, help them,” said Redwood.

The man and woman, who are both in the 80’s, weren’t injured. One of the neighbors was treated for minor injuries after being cut by glass.