Attorneys Give Opening Statements in Caronna Trial

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(Memphis) Tina Caronna's friend Pat Hathaway spent the weekend before Caronna's murder with the Tin and her husband Joe in Knoxville.

In court Wednesday, Hathaway said Tina was acting different, "She seemed very distracted. She was not herself she was drinking heavily, and she didn't shop like she usually did."

Hathaway said Tina confided in her about an affair Joe Caronna had and said she wanted a little more freedom from her controlling husband.

When Hathaway heard Tina was missing she rushed over the Caronna's house to help look for her.

"I could smell the strong smell of bleach," said Hathaway about her time in the house.

Joe Caronna's attorney Rusty White told the jury there is no evidence connecting him to the crime and he says the crime scene wasn't properly handled, "You will also hear in the investigation about DNA, unknown DNA and unknown finger prints."

White also said Caronna frantically searched for Tina when she never came home.

White says Caronna did what any concerned husband would do.

In their opening statements the prosecution disagreed.

They said Tina didn't know about Joe's money problems, and he was trying to cover them up.

Tina actually thought they were about to close on a new expensive house, and the closing was supposed to happen two days after the murder.

"The defendant never intended on them closing on this house," said prosecutor Danielle McCollum.

The prosecution sayid there is no way that house could close or his secrets would be exposed.

"She thought their house was paid off. She thought a lot of their debts were paid off, and there would be the reality looking at her.  She would have asked and found out about the finances, she would have learned about the fraud and then he was going to lose complete control of everything," said McCollum.