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Missing Arkansas Student’s Car Found In Mountain Home

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UPDATE: Mountain Home, AR) Josh Wilson has been found alive and unharmed in Mountain Home, AR nearly a four-hour drive from his home.

Wilson was last seen at his parents’ home in Gosnell, AR Sunday morning.

(Mississippi County, AR) The car of the missing Arkansas Northeastern College student has been found in Mountain Home Arkansas. 

His keys were in the car along with his jacket.

Josh Wilson disappeared over the weekend.

His family and friends are getting more concerned as each minute passes and he doesn't return.

"We don't know really where he's been or what he's doing. So we're just looking for any clues."

For the second straight day, Carl and Cassie Wilson spent hours driving around Gosnell, Arkansas, hoping to find a trace of their 21-year old son Josh.

When at home they're constantly checking their Facebook accounts for any reported sightings.

Josh left home Sunday morning and left his cell phone behind.

A security camera at a credit union office on Highway 181 caught a picture of Josh Sunday morning withdrawing the last $60 from his account.

Cassie Wilson is emotionally drained over what's happened, "It is the worst thing I have ever gone through. I got up this morning and I ran to his room to see if he was here and he wasn't."

So far no one in the town of Gosnell can put their finger on why or how the Arkansas Northeastern College student disappeared.

His girl friend Loren Kinkead is hopeful for the best, "I feel like he just maybe needed a few days to get away. And that maybe he'll be back soon."

Josh works at the wellness center at Arkansas Northeastern College in Blythevillle.

"He never missed work. He was always there on time."

Lifelong friend Cody Griggs says he's worried about Josh and hopes for his safe return, "It's pretty shocking. Cause things like this doesn't happen to good kids. And it doesn't happen in small towns like Gosnell."