Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

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(Memphis) The tragic death of Karen Thomas is a vivid reminder of the seriousness of domestic violence.

Police say Thomas' husband admitted to strangling her.
"We do see a number of women who are suffering in silence," says Olliette Murry-Drobot, Executive Director of the Family Safety Center.

The center works to prevent these tragedies.

It is a one-stop-shop for victims to get  everything from orders of protection to emergency housing.

It's also about educating them on the signs of abuse early on.

"There is emotional abuse they may overlook, destruction of property or harming the pet," says Murry-Drobot.

The Safety Center also makes family and friends aware of the importance they play in staying a part of the victim's life during turmoil.

"A key piece is to continue to be supportive, continue to maintain that relationship because it works in the abusers advantage when those relationships are severed," says Murry-Drobot.
There are even navigators to help victims with an exit plan.

"What resources will I have? Where will I go when I leave? Do I have my critical important documents? Do I have the kids' birth certificates?" says Murry-Drobot.

These life saving points are being taken to college campuses, civic groups and whoever will listen.

With 1 in 4 women in Shelby County experiencing domestic violence, it's no time to be silent.

The Family Safety Center provides a wide array of services. Call 901-222-4400 for more information or visit their website at