Cardinals Fans Write Homophobic Rants Against Giants

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(Memphis, TN) After the St. Louis Cardinals lost to the San Francisco Giants Monday night, tweets by Cardinals fans have stirred up controversial debate.

Using the handle “BestFansStLouis,” a Twitter user has re-tweeted dozens of comments by Cardinals fans, who mostly use derogatory language toward gay people. A few tweets also used racial slurs.

On Wednesday, after News Channel 3 reported this story, @BestFansStLouis changed their profile to clarify their purpose: "Exposing baseball's self-proclaimed best and most knowledgeable fans. Proving that Cardinal Nation often betrays the BEST FANS IN BASEBALL myth."

One tweet they featured even calls out Mid-South native Matt Cain, who pitches for the Giants.

It reads, “Matt Cain, you look like a little fa---.”

Another tweet reads: “The HIV virus will be passed a lot by dudes in San Fran tonight.”

Yet another reads: “All the Giants have AIDS anyways.”

Dozens of more tweets include graphic comments related to homosexuality.

A couple of the users were traced back to accounts in the Mid-South viewing area.

Cardinals fans differ on whether this crosses the line.

One Cardinals fan in Memphis said, “They were disappointed. It was a bad week, bad day, bad three days. Come on. Give them a break.”

He said their comments were tacky, but he wouldn’t put any Cardinal fan down.

“Come on. They're from San Francisco. What are we supposed to say? Come on, it's tough. You get us at a bad moment,” he said.

But in the same sports bar, another Cardinals fan was appalled.

“You're not a 'best fan' at all, if you're being anything homophobic, or racist. You're not a fan. You are an idiot,” said Phil Richardson.

Richardson said all the Cardinals fans he knows are decent guys who would never take that stance. He said this Twitter feed misrepresents the fans completely.

“It has nothing to do with whether you're gay or straight. It's whether you play the game well.”