Women Voters Impacting The Election

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(Memphis) - Along with the political signs, outside polling places are signs not pushing a candidate, but a segment of voters, women.

"Any way they can get us they are because they know. They are courting the women vote," says Bettye Boone with the National Coalition of 100 Black Women. She says women focus on the issues.

"Affordable health care, child care, these are the issues that affect and impact women and their families," says Boone.

It's playing out on the national stage, with presidential candidates telling women what they will do on education and business opportunities.
This weekend, several women`s organizations including the Memphis Area Women`s Council and the League of Women Voters came together to encourage women to respond, vote and do it early.

"The reason we need to vote early is because if there are any issues with the possibility of your vote, then you will have the opportunity to make corrections," says Boone.

20-year-old Marquetta Johnson, in her first vote for president, represents female students who are listening and voting on what's important to them.

"College, paying for tuition, being able to afford it. Since everyone isn't able to afford it, I feel like financial aid is important and scholarships," says Johnson.

"Times are hard. Money is tight. People are very concerned with issues all over the board," says voter Kathryn King.

Expect to see more women getting out the vote over these last few days before the election. Women's groups plan to set up at intersections with signs in hand, passing out cards urging all women to vote early and realize the power they have at the polls.