Pet Owner Outraged After Dog Escapes From Animal Clinic

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(Memphis) Missing, a five-year old jack russell terrier who escaped from an animal clinic.

Her owners only found out when they got back from vacation.

The dog escaped through a broken fence Sunday night at the clinic.

Her owner spent the day not only frantically looking for the dog, but for answers to what happened.

"We trusted you. Did we not trust you all to keep her?"

An emotional confrontation between Paula Newberry and Marcus Dorris, the owner of Pet's Choice Animal Clinic in Hickory Hill.

Newberry says her five-year old jack russell terrier named Gilda escaped from the clinic Sunday night.

But she wasn't told the dog was missing untill Monday morning.

"What you taking about Gilda got out? From where? What do you mean she got out?"

Newberry and her husband dropped off their two dogs at the clinic Friday morning before going out of town: the jack russell and a three-year old cocker spaniel named Bianca.

The dogs were let out Sunday night for a bathroom break.

Head veterinarian Francois Morris says Gilda apparently got out through a break in the fence.

"If you can see right here, that's new wood where he's replaced it. But I think she dug right here and slid on up under there," said Morris.

Neither dog was wearing a leash at the time, which is not uncommon at the clinic.

The cocker spaniel didn't get lose, but that's little comfort to Paula Newberry.

"I couldn't have any kids so those are my children."

Newberry says a kennel worker was supposed to be watching the dogs and was negligent.

The clinic's owner, Marcus Dorris, agrees.

"The gentleman, he's been suspended and will be terminated. I will personally have the police go to his house and bring him up here and stand, whatever he's got to do, for his carelessness. I have no problem with that," said Dorris.

Marcus Dorris says nothing like this has ever happened in the 15-year history of Pet's Choice.

Dorris says he's offering a $25-hundred dollar reward for the safe return of Gilda the jack russell terrier.

Persons with information should contact Pet's Choice on Winchester View Cove in Hickory Hill.