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Memphis Man Says Obama Supporter Went Too Far

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(Memphis) Daniel Dewitt has been campaigning hard for the Republican Party over the last several weeks, but now it looks like he's also moonlighting for Obama.

That's because sometime Saturday night someone spray painted the word Obama across the trunk of his car.

Dewitt has been putting up GOP signs all over his neighborhood and has Romney/Ryan bumper stickers on the back of car.

He says someone was clearly sending him a message.

"Somebody either targeted me or just knew where I live because my car was well hidden in the dark. They had to have searched it out to find it," said Dewitt.

Dewitt says everyone has the right to their own political opinions, but this is no way to settle a disagreement.

"It goes a step too far when you go over the line and touch somebody's car," said Dewitt.

The graduate student is waiting on his insurance company to try to repair the damage. In the meantime, he is using the "political graffiti" to educate others about his views and the proper way to participate in politics.