Beware Of Scam Artists Using Go Jim Go Name To Get Money

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(Memphis) For six days, News Channel 3 Meteorologist, Jim Jaggers, puts the pedal to the metal and rides his bicycle 333 miles to raise close to $190,000 in donations for Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.             

But a scam artist is trying to take advantage of Mid-South generosity and the Go Jim Go name.

Olivia Cooper is one of several homeowners on McKellar Street near Prospect in south Memphis scammed over the weekend, "They said they were collecting money for Go Jim Go. Yeah, that's what she said."

Cooper said a girl, believed to be about 12, and a man in his late 30's on a bicycle, went door-to-door Saturday on McKellar Street pretending to collect money for Go Jim Go. Cooper gave the girl some money.

"I don't go for that. I think that is mighty lowdown of them doing that because that's not right at all," Cooper said.

Terri Jones lives nearby and she believes the scam artists are targeting senior citizens, "You have to be careful because you don't know if it's real or if it's a sham."    

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Many homeowners called News Channel 3 about the scam.

You see, this year's Go Jim Go campaign ended weeks ago.

Hillary Welton is marketing coordinator at Le Bonheur, "It's a shame that someone would use Go Jim Go to raise money. But I can assure the public that our campaign is over and we do not go door-to-door. We go to public places and businesses, schools and not home-to-home." 

Olivia Cooper hopes the brakes can be put this scam artist who rides a bike and uses a child to con people out of their money.

"Well, he needs to be arrested with the little girl out there doing wrong things with a child," Cooper said.