14-Year-Old Charged as an Adult for Beating Little Boy

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(Memphis) A 14-year-old Clarksdale teen could get life in prison now that he's charged as an adult in the attack of a 4-year-old in Tunica. Police say Edward Malane is the same kid who beat and robbed an elderly woman in Clarksdale, MS a couple of months ago.

"This is from when it happened," said Shirley Gordon, showing us her arms.

Shirley Gordon's arms are still healing and her fear is just now starting to going away.

"I was scared and prepared," she said.

That's because a Clarksdale judge lowered her accused attacker's bond, allowing him to get out of jail just a month after police say he beat Shirley with a brick.  Fourteen-year-old Edward Malane is now back in jail charged with another brutal crime: beating a 4-year-old boy in Tunica.

"He should stay in there. He should never be let out," said Gordon.

 A judge lowered Malane's bond because the young teen wasn't considered a flight risk but it allowed him to be out and about in Shirley's neighborhood. We went to the teenager’s house and while no one answered the door, he was living just one mile from her.

"I don't think they should have let him out," said Malane's Neighbor Terina Hooper.

Hooper says she knows Malane as a teen who could sometimes be 'rude'. Hooper says if the allegations are true, Malane should definitely be punished, "Because that was wrong and he should get what he deserves."

Charged as an adult, Malane faces life in prison for kidnapping and abusing 4-year-old Marcus Bolden and additional time for what he's accused of doing to Shirley.  He's accused of beating her with a brick to steal her car and money, "I am just thankful that the Lord was with me the whole time," said Gordon.

For now, Malane is going to be kept behind the wires at the Tunica County Jail because this time the judge gave him no bond.

By the way, today Shirley Gordon turned 78 years old.