Teen Charged With Bringing Weapons To School

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(Marion, AR) Parents in Marion, Arkansas have mixed emotions as to how the school district handled a possible foiled violent attack at Marion Junior High School.

Right now, a 14-year-old is in juvenile detention after police charged him with aggravated assault and bringing several weapons on campus.

Marion police are looking into why the 14-year-old, dressed in a black trench coat brought 3 knives and suspicious drawings to school Thursday.

The school resource officer arrested the teen within 10 minutes of being told about the threat. 

Police are praising the campus officer's quick action.

How the school took it from there however is not getting much praise around town.

“That’s ridiculous they are going to have me go up there and want to get my kids out of there,” said mom Robin Hailey.

Hailey says the school should have sent out some notification of the arrest inside the school,  but so far she hasn't received a phone call, email or letter.

“I would want to know just point-blank if someone is up there with knives around my children,” expressed Hailey.

The district’s superintendent is out-of-town at a state educational conference and so far has not responded to our questions as to why the school didn't alert parents.

Mom Tracy Brick believes the school did it right, “If we knew of every single thing that happened and took place every day, then there would be a lot of reaction among parents that would not be helpful."

Despite opposite feelings to the school's reaction, both moms are happy no one was hurt and hoping a scare like this doesn`t happen again.

The 14-year-old student heads to court Monday.