Greg Davis’ Ex-Wife Says He Took Lover On City Paid Business

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(Southaven, MS) The end of Southaven Mayor Greg Davis' 19 year marriage is playing out in public.

His ex-wife, Suzann Davis, is fighting back against the 26-year-old man she says caused her marriage to end, Starkville, Mississippi hair stylist Jansen Fair.

"All of the trips Greg Davis has been on with Jansen Fair, yes we can absolutely establish from around March or April of 2010 to today, they are still together. Yes we can establish that led to the divorce," says Suzann Davis' Attorney Martin Zummach.

Suzann Davis wants one million dollars from Fair, claiming he enticed Greg Davis to leave her.

But it's what she claims in the suit that could cause Davis even more trouble.

She says after Jansen Fair and Greg Davis met on Craigslist, they had their first meeting at Old Venice Restaurant in Starkville.

We went through Greg Davis' city credit card receipts.

On February 11, 2010,  a 169-dollar tab and another $107 tab were paid to the Old Venice Pizza Company in Starkville.

Davis doesn't say who was there, listing the expense as tourism.

"His travel expenses and receipts he turned in were in fact his accompaniment with Jansen Fair," says Zummach.

 Suzann Davis says after the first date, Fair lured Davis away from her with sex and offers of lucrative business deals.

"Based upon what Suzann Davis knows, his trips were with Jansen Fair which included San Francisco, Las Vegas, Canada and I think Hawaii," says Zummach.

Receipts show Davis did bill the city for trips to San Francisco and Vegas, but never any details about what went on.

Suzann  Davis says she learned of Davis' affair after discovering a text message to him from Jansen Fair saying he looked forward to their upcoming get away in Vegas where they would be 'locked away in bed each other`s arms.'
We contacted Davis for a comment. In an  email he said, ' due to this being a private matter and my grave concern over the well-being of my children I have no comment concerning the accusations filed by their mother. "

Jansen Fair did not return our calls for an interview.

Suzann Davis` lawyer says he  is filing this suit as Davis is set Monday to become vested and  have full access to his retirement fund when he does retire.

Suzann Davis' attorney says right now she would have no access to those funds.