Tunica Humane Society Damaged By Storm

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(Tunica, MS) The Tunica Humane Society is in a crunch and needs help after some of their dog kennels were destroyed by the storms.

This is the latest blow for the Humane Society after their county funding was cut in half earlier the month.

Wednesday’s storm blew the roof of the shelter’s kennel away, causing the kennel to actually lifted up and the walls to collapse.

This allowed the dogs to get out, and with hazardous debris lying around it is amazing no dogs were hurt.

“I immediately started going out there to get to my dogs and get them out of here,” said kennel worker John Allen.

When the storm started getting really bad Allen went out to check on the dogs, and the wind threw him up against the wall.

“It's a miracle none of our dogs were injured,” said Allen.

Sandy Williams runs the shelter and spent hours of the stormy night putting the kennel back together so the dogs had a place to go. 

Parts of the kennel were spread across a field along with the roof.

“It scares the heck out of the dogs and it's pretty upsetting to us too,” said Williams.

But for the Tunica Humane Society it's not as easy as writing a check to replace the roof.

“Tunica County recently cut our funding by 50% so we are struggling to stay alive as it is. And we're just not prepared for a catastrophe like this,” said Williams. 

This isn't the first set back for the no kill shelter.

The same kennel collapsed a few years ago because they are poorly built.

Williams hopes the reconstruction, which expected to cost thousands of dollars, will be safer for the dogs and prevent this from happening again.

The shelter has put out a call to the public for carpenters who will volunteer their time to help rebuild the kennels.

The Tunica Humane Society hopes to get the roof replaced by the weekend because it keeps the weather out and keeps the dogs safe.

If you can help with donations or labor, please contact the shelter through their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/tunica.humanesociety?ref=ts&fref=ts
Or you can call: 662-363-1625 or 662-519-1700