MLGW Ready For Possible Storms

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(Memphis) Be prepared for power outages when severs storms rolls through, especially if you live inside the I-240 loop.

Lots of large oak trees in the Midtown area often cause problems during storms.

MLGW has extra crews standing-by and prepared to work just in case of outages.

While hail can also cause damage, Glen Thomas with MLGW says it's really those possible 25 mile-per-hour winds he's worried about.

 "Hail is not really as big an issue for us as winds and lightening," said Thomas.  "Wind and lightening are going to cause that tree damage that brings lines down and possibly poles down."

Thomas says MLGW prepares for storms all year round by trimming tree limbs across the area but it can't get to all of them.

That's why it's important to be prepared for a power outage just in case a tree topples-down lines in your neighborhood.

MLGW says if you come in contact with any downed power lines, remember don`t get anywhere near them and report it to MLGW's hotline by calling 901-528-4465.