High Winds Knock Steel Warehouse To The Ground In Lake County, TN

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(Lake County, Tennessee) Mother nature showed her strength by taking out a 40,000 square foot warehouse in Lake County Tennessee.

High winds brought it down Sunday, after a storm moved through The Port of Cates Landing near Tiptonville.

Security cameras around the building almost caught it coming down.

One camera shows the warehouse's steel frame standing at ten thirty Sunday morning.

Thirty minutes later another picture shows it flat on the ground.

Jimmy Williams, Chairman of the Northwest Regional Port Authority, says luckily no one was inside when it came crashing down, "With every bad thing there's something good I suppose. Nobody was there, nobody was injured. It was just metal, it can be replaced."

The warehouse is the first building under construction at the 55-million dollar Mississippi River port and industrial park.

Williamson says businesses from around the world have said they're interested in coming here because The Port of Cates Landing is above the flood plain, "That's very unusual on the river. And people just kept coming and looking at this and saying, 'if you had enough harbor we'd put our industry here. So that was the catalyst.  We've had several steel mills look at this area. We've had energy companies look at it, food processing companies."

Wednesday, construction crews were trying to clean up the damage, even as high winds moved the steel girders around like toys.

Jimmy Williamson says the collapse will only cause a slight delay in the project:
a joint venture of Lake, Dyer and Obion Counties to infuse more jobs into the area,"Yes! that's the reason we built it is to create economic development that would affect all of northwest Tennessee."

The warehouse foundation and most of the steel and metal will have to be replaced.