Back Yard Burgers Closes 6 Memphis Area Stores

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(Memphis) A restaurant chain has closed six of its fast food restaurants, leaving hundreds of its employees out of work.

If you live near Hickory Hill, East Shelby Drive, Austin Peay Highway, 3183 Poplar, Summer Avenue or Millington and Back Yard Burgers was one of your favorite spots, you'll have to find another place to eat.

Those stores are closed and we found out, no one was more shocked than the employees.

News Channel 3 talked to an employee who was working last night at the Hickory Hill store.

He said they were busy last night.

He thought he'd be back today, until he got a phone call this morning informing him he was out of a job because the store was closing.

It happened just hours after closing last night, six Back Yard Burgers closed for good stripping their menu boards and signs. They notified employees by telephone their services were no longer needed.

"Right now, any job is a good job but even fast food restaurants they not hiring as much right now either,"  said Jacinta Franklin, unemployed.

Customers found out only after trying to get lunch.

"I run this area and its just close. Everything else is on the other side of Lamar," said Larry Keel, runs a truck route in Hickory Hills.

Customer Stephen Lenox added, "It's a good brand. It's probably getting a little pricey. Tough economic times might have hurt them a little bit."

In a statement the company said it's conducting a comprehensive review of its business.

When the On Your Side Investigators called, Back Yard Burgers wouldn't say how many people it let go, but because it involves at least six stores in the Memphis area the number is estimated at hundreds.
"Mostly everybody when you walk in, they tell you that they're full. They're not hiring right now," said Franklin.

Back Yard Burgers still has 17 company stores and 3 franchise stores open in the Memphis area.

The employees we talked to today tell me the company hasn't offered them any of those jobs or any type of severance package as of yet.