Triple Shooting Outside Frayser Nightclub

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(Memphis) Three woman are recovering from gun shot wounds after a Frayser nightclub shooting over the weekend. 

A stray bullet also hit a house across the street.

“It came through here,” said Millicent Harris. 

The bullet went through three rooms in Harris’ home and came to a rest in her 19-year-old daughter’s bedroom. 

Fortunately, Harris says all four people in the house were laying down, asleep.

“As you can see, we would have been shot in the neck or the head,” she said, pointing to a bullet hole in the wall.

The stray bullet barreled through around 12:30 a.m. Sunday when police say Leroy Collins shot-up the Third World nightclub.

Bullets hit three women; two in the leg and one the arm.

All will okay, but Harris fears a shooting will happen again, “It makes me scared!”

Harris told me she often hears guns shots on the weekends when the club is open.

We checked with Memphis police who say they’ve responded to four crimes at the club in the last two months.

Harris says “Third World” doesn’t belong in her neighborhood, “Please shut down that club!”

We talked to the owner of the nightclub who says that because of this incident he is going to be doubling his security staff from four guards to eight.