“Nathan’s Law” Mom Preaches Safety in DeSoto Schools

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(Hernando, MS) It’s against the law but, it’s believed drivers pass stopped school buses thousands of times a day.

A Mississippi family has made it their mission to put a stop to it and save lives.

Lori Key and her family are the reason for Mississippi’s “Nathan’s law."

It provides larger fines and tougher penalties for drivers who pass stopped school buses and cause bodily harm or death.

But she says students have a role in safety too.

That’s why she’s teaching small groups of young DeSoto Students to be careful getting off and on the bus.

She lost her son, Nathan when a driver in Jones County hit the boy.

He usually rode the bus to and from school but on the day he died, she remembers her last moments with him as she dropped him off at school for the last time, ”Dropping him off that morning as he jumped out of my vehicle that “I love you Mom”, the last one that I heard."

He died when a car hit him as he got off the bus that afternoon to go home.

Now Key spends hours with young children preaching the gospel of safety, and with students at Hernando Elementary.

She really made an impression, in getting them to know what to do.

”Wait until the bus driver tells you to, like, go. And then you do what? Look both ways,” said Allie Kate Hall of Hernando.

It’s the kind of thing that might have saved Key's little boy.

She told us the Nathan’s Law project has become a family project, ”It’s our mission to make sure that this is never gonna happen again, It’s my life-long goal."

How do the Keys keep re-living this tragedy every time they do a presentation?

They say seeing the understanding on students faces gives them the faith to go on.