Gun-Toting Granny Charged With Shooting at Neighbor

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(Memphis) - Looking at her, you wouldn't think this grandma packs heat. But police say Betty Ford, 69, carried both a stun gun and a revolver in the backpack of her wheelchair.

"That is so amazing to know that she had that kind of equipment, those weapons on her," neighbor, Herman Graham, said.

Police say Ford pulled the stun gun on a neighbor in the lobby Monday afternoon of the Paul Borda Apartment Complex near downtown.

Police say the argument escalated a short time later. According to the affidavit, while her neighbor was heading to his apartment on the 13th floor the elevator stopped on the 7th. Ford got in.

When the door opened on the 13th floor, the affidavit says she told her neighbor  "I will kill you n-----."

Then she reached into the back pack of her wheelchair pulled out a revolver and fired a shot at him.

On the walls you can see where the shot ricocheted off the wall into a closet.

Her neighbor got away unharmed.

"He had to have really done something for her to do that," Ford's neighbor, Tekisha Hudson, said.

We tried to ask her what caused her to do that. She didn't want to talk to us.

"I'm wore out tonight. I've been to jail. I paid my dues," Ford said.

Police say she admitted to firing the shot at her neighbor.She is charged with aggravated assault. Police found a revolver with one spent shell casing, and four live rounds in her apartment.

It's a crime her other neighbors are having a hard time believing.

"She's a very nice person," Graham said. "You wouldn't think she had an attitude of that nature."

She is out of jail on $50,000 bond.

This is not the first time Ford has been in trouble with the law. She was charged with Aggravated Assault back in 2006.