Church Burglary Suspect Finally Caught

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(Marshall County, MS) They say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, but when that weak link is a key player in law enforcement it can be dangerous.

That’s what detectives in Marshall County have to say about the Miami-Dade County Jail.

Miami Beach police picked up Suspected Marshall County Church burglar Jerome Totten Monday on a Petit Larceny Charge and sent him to the Miami-Dade County Jail.

Marshall County learned about it, and called to insure Totten stayed behind bars, but in the hours detectives got transferred from department to department, Miami Jailers let him out.

Tuesday, through sheer coincidence, they managed to get him back.

”He forgot some property at the Jail so once he returned back to pickup his property today he was taken into custody and now he’s being held awaiting extradition back to Marshall County,” said Major Kelly McMillen of the Marshall County Sheriff's Department.

Problems at the Miami-Dade Jail are nothing new. In fact the U.S. Justice Department launched a three and a half-year investigation in 2008 into jail operations.

It resulted in a 40 page report which detailed numerous deficiencies in everything from prisoner treatment to bad laundry service.

McMillen had the U.S. Marshal’s service on standby and even the arresting officer in Miami beach on the lookout for Totten.

Meanwhile his alleged victims in Marshall County are glad to hear he’s caught.

”Undoubtedly, he’s got his priorities in the wrong place and that’s the purpose of the Church, is to reach the people that’s in his condition" said pastor Wesley Newby of the Lighthouse Apostolic Church in Laws Hill.

And through all the drama, the letdowns and the knowledge Miami-Dade had made good, detectives remained hopeful THIS time, Jerome Totten won’t get away ”It’s a stroke of luck, but hey, the good guys win sometimes”.

So Totten is once again behind bars, and detectives can rest easy, for now, knowing where he’s at.