Miami Jail Lets Mid-South Fugitive Go

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(Marshall County, MS) -  A fugitive wanted in connection to several church burglaries in Marshall County was arrested in Florida, but they accidentally released him.

Jerome Totten was arrested on a misdemeanor charge in Miami, but the jail let him go on a misdemeanor bond.

"It's kind of heartbreaking to know we`ve been searching that long and we spent so many hours looking for him day and night," Marshall County Major Kelly McMillan said. "Somebody made a mistake .Somebody dropped the ball."

McMillan says the mistakes began when Miami-Dade never called his agency to say a wanted felon was in their jail.

"They should have spoken to somebody in fugitive and said this guy's prints matched up we just want to make sure these warrants are still good. We didn`t get any of that we got a teletype over the computer stating what they had," he said.

McMillan called Miami after seeing Totten's name on the teletype that he had been arrested,  but after getting transferred to different people in the jail for more than two hours, it was too late.

"I started calling them at ten minutes to three and at 4:57 p.m.  I find out he was released at 4:30 while I was on the phone with them," he said. "I was sick."

Totten has evaded arrest in Marshall County for months. He is wanted for burglarizing several churches in the area.  

"We spent a lot of man hours looking for this guy and we spent a lot of resources and a lot of money looking for this guy," McMillan said.

Now their hunt is on once again.