How Memphis Benefits From Electrolux Deal

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(Memphis) The Electrolux Plant is taking shape at Pidgeon Industrial Park.

Local governments laid out some serious cash to get it to town. 

The City of Memphis put in 20 million dollars to get roads built leading up to the plant.

Add in another 20 million from Shelby County and 90 million from the state and you realize this is a huge deal.

The  Chamber of Commerce says it's a deal worth making.

"We have a reputation now, because people have watched this project. It's one of the largest in the United States. When they see Memphis win this, they say 'what's going on in Memphis? What have they done?' The give us a second look," said Dexter Muller with the Greater Memphis Chamber.

About 1200 jobs are projected so far with salaries ranging from $13 to $26 an hour.

Many are hoping to land one.

"A lot of jobs that are here in the city, they are not gonna pay as much as Electrolux for  entry-level positions. So just trying to feed the families that's all," says J'Vada Mason, who is applying for one of the jobs.
Only 75 people will be accepted for an Electrolux training class and even then, employment is not guaranteed.

The class costs $1200, but some financial assistance is available.

City Councilman Harold Collins says in light of the Memphis tax dollars spent on the project he hopes one thing happens, "I would hope the majority of people who are employed, who get the specialized training, will be from Memphis and Shelby County."

The Chamber says the training itself is valuable. .

It says the investment in Electrolux will lead to more businesses, more jobs and create more tax revenue..  

"A lot of people are out of work. Our Mayor has caused us to have a great outlook on having jobs come here to Memphis. The least we can do is get up and come and get them while they are on their way," said job applicant Sandra Dowdy.

Electrolux will also get a freeze on its property taxes for 15 years.

But the Chamber says the company will still pay a small tax, bringing in money for the city and county.