Electrolux Orientation and Training Gets Underway Today

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(Memphis) Training is available for a possible job at the new Electrolux Plant.

Electrolux is expected to employ more than 1,200 workers over the next five years.

The plant will open in 2014.

The month-long training takes place three days a week at Southwest Tennessee Community College.

To get into the training class, you have to attend an orientation session at the WIN Job Center in Downtown Memphis.

The orientation session is today and tomorrow at 10 a.m. The session takes three hours and includes a pre-test.

Depending on the test-takers’ scores, the cost of the classes may be covered.

For more information, call the Workforce Investment Network at (901) 636-7955.

People who complete the training are not guaranteed employment but will get an interview with Electrolux.