Early Voting Starts Wednesday

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(Memphis) Early voting starts Wednesday in Tennessee, and elections supervisor Richard Holden says the county commission's district realignment that caused fits in August's primary election has been resolved.
The commission hired outside help to check records to make sure every voter gets the right ballot and every vote counts. 

"There should be a great deal of confidence that votes will count and count accurately," said Holden. 

There are 68 combinations of ballots in Shelby County.

Election workers will make sure you get the right  ballot by looking up your address. 

If you feel like you got the wrong ballot, it's important to let an election worker know before you cast it because there is no redoing it. 

The election commission has increased training for poll workers to make sure they know what to do if you complain about getting the wrong ballot. 

"We're training classes of about forty people for a three-week period of time because we'll have about fifteen hundred election officials," said Holden. 

Shelby County will have twenty-one early voting sites and you can go to any location from 10 am to 7 pm during the week and Saturday from 10 to 4, but election day November 6th you must vote at your neighborhood precinct. 

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