Horn Lake Couple Jailed for Animal Cruelty

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(Horn Lake, MS) Sabrina Bell says her problems began as a dispute with a neighbor who she said let their dogs run wild in the neighborhood.

It ended with Bell and her husband in jail two days and their dog put down.

Bell lives in a win Lakes home and said lately things had gotten worse with the next door neighbor, ”He went and told the story to the dog pound that said we wasn’t feeding our dog every time we came out our door he came out and watched us feed our dog every time".

Bell says the couple had the dog 8 years and only recently did he start getting thin.

But Horn Lake Animal Control saw it differently.

”The animal was very thin, emaciated, sick-looking it was a nice sized Rottweiler so it should not have been that thin” said Frances Williams of the Horn Lake Animal Shelter.

The Bells say they didn’t know why their dog had suddenly started looking so bad so they took him to a vet, ”I told them to check him out for everything and I believed he had food poisoning and only thing they did was say he had heart worms."

A judge ruled against the Bells and sent them to jail for two days and charged them more than $1200 in fines each.

Horn Lake says other pet owners should watch out.

"I’m very serious about it, yes sir” said Williams.

In fact, a neighbor of the Bells, Monique Milligan, is charged with letting several of her puppies die in a kennel, and could face similar punishment.

Williams says it should serve as a message, ”That we are not gonna tolerate animal abuse of any kind in the City of Horn Lake”.

The Bells are prohibited from owning any animals for a year, and after that, only with the permission of the Horn Lake Animal Shelter.