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Voter ID Battle Explained

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(Memphis) The battle started when the City of Memphis created new library cards with photos on them as a form of voter identification.

The state said they couldn't be used.

The City of Memphis and two women who live in the city then filed a lawsuit, but they lost.

So the City and the two women tried a different route, arguing the Voter ID Law is unconstitutional.

But last month, a lower court denied that claim saying the city cannot vote and the two women are old enough to vote absentee without photo I.D.s.

Now the Appeals court will hear the argument.

"The Court of Appeals is going to look solely at the law that was passed by the Tennessee Legislature and view it in that totality and see if the claims the City of Memphis has presented are worthy to overrule the law to strike down the law," former U.S. Attorney, David Krustoff, said.

So far the courts are on the law's side.

"You have already had federal court say the law is fine. A judge in Middle Tennessee said that, but the Appeals Court wanted to hear it on an expedited basis and they have power to rule or overrule the lower court. We`ll have to see what they do," he said.

Political analyst Otis Sanford  says the city of Memphis is pressing the Voter ID issue again, because it believes the law disenfranchises voters in Memphis.

"They (the City of Memphis)  did not like that a library I.D. card could not be used.  Beyond that they do think the Tennessee ID law is a bit oppressive," Sanford said. 

People on both sides of the issue urge everyone to prepare for the election as if the law will be upheld.

"The thing people need to do is make sure everyone has the I.D, and you can get the ID for free," Sanford said.

Under the new voter I.D. law in Tennessee , you can vote with any photo ID issued by a federal agency. For example, an expired hunting license from a different state will be accepted at the polls.

If you are elderly, you can vote absentee and will not need a photo I.D.