Three More Weeks Of Investigating Expected In Deadly MPD Crash

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(Memphis) After six weeks of investigation, the On Your Side Investigators have only heard from the Tennessee Highway Patrol through emails about a crash that killed Deloise Epps and her 13-year-old daughter Mackayla.

A Memphis Police squad car slammed into their vehicle in South Memphis last August.

Today, we went to its Memphis office looking for answers.

“I want to know if you knew who I could talk to get some answers about the cop crash,” I asked the lieutenant on duty.
The lieutenant told us the CERT team is investigating and someone from CERT would have to provide us with information.

She then directed us to contact public information with our questions.

The On Your Side Investigators has contacted the public information office repeatedly these last six weeks but our request for an on camera interview has been denied.

We have received only short email responses.

That is why we called THP in Jackson, TN. where we found out THP expects three more weeks of investigating.

One of the investigating officers told me, this investigation is being conducted from two ends.

On one end, officers who were out on the scene recreating the crash are doing their paperwork and while other officers are out in the field interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence.

Days after the crash, Memphis police sent out its policy showing officer 23 year-old Alex Beard basically broke it by speeding without using his emergency lights and sirens.

Meanwhile, the family of Delois Epps and her daughter, Mackala are preparing to speak out for the first time during a prayer vigil at God’s Amazing Grace Missionary Baptist Church on Saturday.

“Some of the members of the church are related to the people that it happened to,” said church member, Larry Nelson.

In a news release the family calls out MPD saying they’ll hold a vigil against ‘police brazen abuse of power and misconduct’. They’re praying for a change in the department’s culture.

Nelson said, “All I know is they said it was under investigation so hopefully prayer will help the investigation come out the way it should.”

The address for the vigil is 1560 E. Person Avenue. It begins at 5:30 p.m. The community is invited.

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