It’s Morris vs. Nunnelee for Congress in Mississippi

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(DeSoto County, MS) Both candidates in Mississippi’s First Congressional district are no strangers to politics.

Brad Morris of Oxford first got involved in 8th grade, when he and classmates lobbied Congress to plant a tree in honor of retiring Senator John Stennis.

He later became an influential political blogger before becoming Chief of Staff for Congressman Travis Childers.

Since then, he’s not seen a lot of progress in government and says Mississippians have noticed, ”But I don’t think they’re interested in what their current Congress has done, which is basically sit on its hands and do nothing while middle class and working families get hammered”.

Incumbent Alan Nunnelee spent seven years in the Mississippi Senate after building a successful business in Tupelo.

He says partisanship held up a lot of progress in the last two years, ”Unfortunately most of the legislation died under Harry Reid’s leadership in the U.S. Senate. We’re not gonna give up, we’re gonna continue to push."

Nunnelee and Morris are spending hours on the road and driving hundreds of miles to get their messages to voters.

Mississippi’s First Congressional district takes up almost the entire top third of the State, minus the delta.

It runs from DeSoto County, all the way to the Alabama State line, and it stretches about 150 miles to the south to Columbus.

Voters here tend to be fairly conservative whether they’re Democrats or Republicans.

That’s reflected in both candidate’s top priorities.

”The people in North Mississippi want government to cut spending. They want less government control over their lives,” said Nunnelee.

The disagreement comes in where to make those cuts and whether taxes go up or down for many of us.

”I just don’t think we should balance the budget on the backs of children and seniors and middle class and working families and that’s the difference,” said Morris.

Nunnelee boasts a consistent, and very conservative voting record.

Morris on the other hand seems more conservative than most Democrats.

Both claim they’d represent the values of everyone from Southaven To Columbus.