How Earthquakes Elsewhere Affect Us Here

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(DeSoto County, MS) We haven’t felt an earthquake in the Memphis area for years now, but it’s still at the top of the minds of lots of people like Ashley Byford, ”I worry about it. You know, because we’re like right on the fault line so I just worry about it."

And recent earthquakes in non-earthquake zones like Dallas and Montreal have some folks especially concerned.

”Yes, of course it does, yeah,” said Jennifer Baltz.

It concerns seismologists too.

In fact, a recent report suggests an April 11th earthquake near Indonesia may have triggered hundreds of earthquakes as far as the US, in Southern California and Mexico.

The Indonesian quake was what experts call a “slip-strike” quake, in which one part of the earth’s crust slide over the other.

Could that pressure affect the Nearby New Madrid fault?

Experts say it’s possible but effects would be minimal.

”It’s possible to get tiny triggered earthquakes here, but if so, I don’t think you would even notice it,” said Dr. Christine Power with the University of Memphis Earthquake Center.

Powell, a seismologist, says we need to stay concerned about the New Madrid fault which still holds many mysteries, ”Our big danger comes from this fault system that we really don’t understand why we have it, so that means our danger’s going to come from here and not from somewhere else in the world. Our danger is right here."

So folks like Ashley Byford, stay prepared, ”We got a lot of canned food so we keep a lot of canned foods, first aid kids, bottled water."

Because some experts now say the entire world has become an aftershock zone of the Indonesian earthquakes.