Two Suspects Commit Two Crimes at One Scene

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(Memphis) One woman is dead, after Memphis police said two suspects tried to rob her, right before they tried to carjack another victim.

The victim of the attempted carjacking, a man, was transported to The MED in stable condition.

As of 10p.m., the two suspects have not been caught.

At around 7:15p.m., police said that the female victim was approached at the Orion ATM in the 3100 block of South Perkins Road. Police said the suspects shot her as she tried to flee in her car.

The car crashed into a telephone pole that topple over. The victim died on the scene.

Then, police said the same two suspects tried to carjack a man next to a McDonald's, only a few hundred feet away from the ATM where the first victim was approached.

The investigation required police to block off South Perkins in both directions from Aloha to Knight Arnold.

Don Berry, who works nearby, checked the woman's pulse minutes after she crash.

Berry said she had no pulse and was unresponsive.

"It was sad. I felt bad for her. The only thing I could tell was she was a postal employee. She had a postal shirt on," he said.

He described the victim as a woman in her 20s or 30s. Berry added that she had no seat belt on and must have been trying to leave at a high speed.