People Say Road Is Dangerous Where Teen Was Killed

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(Byhalia, MS)  A family is in mourning after their 17-year-old-son died in a horrific accident Monday night in Byhalia. Kevin McClung died after driving his car into a tree on St. Paul Road.

Three other teenagers were severely injured.

One of them is still in the hospital.

People who live near the crash scene say the road is partly to blame for the teen's death. 

The locals call St. Paul Road the "highway to heaven" because they say it's so dangerous.

"He died right here where that wreath is down there," said Lakesha Sholar, talking about her cousin who died in a crash on St. Paul Rd. in 2010.

"It's not even three hundred yards from where this wreck happened," said Tammy Wingo, who lives on the road.

It's the same stretch of road that 17-year-old Kevin McClung died Monday night and three other teens were also hurt.

"We lose a lot of lives out here and it's just senseless," said Wingo.

Those who live off St. Paul Road in Byhalia say that it's the hills, the narrowness and the fact that this once gravel ,country road is now paved.

"Once they replaced it, people go twice as fast," said Resident Nathan Avery.

The speed limit is 35 but neighbors say cars go up to 80, speeding down a road that can lead you straight into an accident.

"It's barely wide enough for the cars to go through," said Avery.

"It was a head-on collision,' said Sholar about her cousin's fatal crash.

Residents say they want Marshall County to make a change.

"So we've all asked about speed bumps," said Avery.

"There's just something else that has to be done," said Wingo.

They say something has to be done to prevent what happened in Wingo's front yard from ever happening again.

"It shook my house," she said.  "It was a horrific scene, to say the least."

We made a call to the Marshall County Administrator's office about the dangerous road, but we've yet to hear back from them.