Man Set On Fire Talks to News Channel 3

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(Byhalia, MS) A man who says he was set on fire by his ex-girlfriend is talking about the incident to the media for the first time.

He says that he lives in pain everyday and the mother of his five children is nowhere to be found.

"I hurt now every day," said Cedric Garrison.

If you ask Cedric Garrison where he hurts, he'll tell you "all over."

"The pain is bad. The pain is horrible," he said.

After police say he was set on fire by the mother of his five children, he's alive but not the same.

"She changed his life. He'll never be the same," said his mother, Nola Garrison.

The woman who police say threw gasoline on him and lit him up is still out there.

Cedric says Tameka Jones has been in touch with their children by phone.

The children are being taken care of by her mother, but Jones hasn't been seen since he says she tried to kill him, May 31.

"She told my friend 'if I can't have him ain't no one going to have him'," said Cedric.

Cedric says in their 20 year relationship, Jones had hit him and burned his clothes, "She always tried to hurt me, all the time."

But this has been hard, "I died two times in the hospital."

After being unconscious for several days, Cedric had skin taken-off his legs and grafted to his arms, chest and neck.

He still can't work, but then again, he's grateful for the little things, or the biggest thing.

"I am just so glad God gave him back to us," said Nola.

His mother is glad that he's alive, "It's a miracle."

 If you know where Tameka Jones is, call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.