Hit and Run Victim Tells his Story

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(Marshall County) - Tracy Hardin's arm is now held together with pins. His right leg is mangled after someone ran him down and left him to die.

He was crossing Old Hernando Road near Byhalia on September 15th when he was hit.

"I don't remember which way he hit me. But he had to hit me from on the right side because everything is messed up on that side," he said.

Tracy doesn't remember much about that night.  It was late. His friends dropped him off on the side of the road just feet from his driveway.

"I just remember a light. That was it," he said.

Then he blacked out.

"When I woke up they put me on a helicopter," he said.

Tracy's cousin who lives nearby had found him and called for help.

The blood stained pavement is still there three weeks later, but the person who hit Tracy is on the run.

Law enforcement officers are out of clues. Marshall County Major Kelly McMillan is hoping someone knows something.

"I'm just pleading for help. Begging for help. At this point we have exhausted every measure that we had as far as any information or leads," McMillan said.

They're offering up a 'substantial reward' for anyone who can help close this case.

"He's not going to use leg much anymore or arm anymore and we want to get the bottom of it and try to get the person responsible for it in jail where they need to be," McMillan said.

In the meantime, Tracy will keep fighting to get his life back after coming so close to losing it.
"I'm going to pull through," he said.

If you have information on who hit Tracy call the Marshall County Sheriff's Office at (662) 252-1311.