Arkansas Rep. Calls Slavery “a Blessing”

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(Jonesboro, AR) An Arkansas State representative is making national headlines for all the wrong reasons.

State Representative Jon Hubbard called slavery "a blessing" saying, 'Slavery just might have been a blessing in disguise...even while in the throes of slavery, their lives as Americans are likely much better than they ever would have enjoyed living in Sub-Saharan Africa."

The Republican Party of Arkansas is calling his comments "highly offensive", getting on the same page as Democrats.

"It makes my stomach turn," said Brenton Smith, the chairman the Craighead County Democratic Committee.

In his book published two years ago, Arkansas State Representative Jon Hubbard calls slavery "a blessing" for African-Americans because he says it rewarded them with citizenship in the greatest country on Earth.

He also accused black students of having "a lack of discipline and ambition", hurting the entire educational system.

And on immigration, he compared America to Hitler's Germany, saying immigration will lead to extermination.

We tried to get in touch with the Jonesboro Representative, even going to his house.

He  wasn't there and did not respond to our calls or emails, but the chairman of the Democratic Party in Craighead County did

"This is not how people of Jonesboro or Craighead County believe or think," said Smith.

Benton Smith said he read most of Hubbard's book, "Confessions of a Frustrated Conservative" six months ago.

He tried to get people to pay attention to it then, but nothing happened until a blogger posted the comments recently.

Smith believes Hubbard's comments have not been taken out of context, like Hubbard claims.

Smith says this is going to mean trouble for the first term Rep. running for re-election in November, "I would think that the fine folks of Jonesboro would vote him out."