Storm Damage Causing Concern for South Memphis Residents

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(Memphis) – People all across the Mid-South are still suffering from power outages from Friday night’s storm.

“When the storm rolled through, I mean, the sky lit up,” said Jaious Clayton. “I thought it was the end of the earth.”

It knocked out the power and telephone service for Clayton and his neighbors, “All of a sudden everything just went dead, lights went out, I heard a big boom and all the lights went out.”

24-hours later they are still without power. Clayton and his neighbor, Jarvis Harris are frustrated. They believe not enough is being done to restore the power.

“It picked a cold day to go out,” said Harris as he laughed. “You can't turn the heat on and by it being dark in the house, you've got to open windows and doors to get some breeze.”

Clayton added, “You see trucks circling, and circling, and circling and nothing is being done.”

Memphis Light Gas and Water says they're working to restore the power. It claims all the rain slowed down their crews.

Clayton is concerned most about a giant tree limb leaning on a telephone wire. Its' pole already snapped from the weight. He is afraid if more weather comes through, it could collapse.

“Something needs to be done, someone needs to fix this,” he said.

News Channel 3 spoke with MLGW. They are aware of the problem. They told us when they get to that area they'll assess the damage and determine whose responsibility it is to fix it.

A spokesperson with AT&T told us they too are aware of the downed tree limb, but it will be Sunday before they can check it out and reconnect any lost service.