Tennessee’s Unemployment Rate Rises

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(Memphis) While the national unemployment numbers are the lowest they've been in years, in Tennessee, it's the fourth consecutive month that the numbers have gotten worse.

"Well, Tennessee tends to lag a little bit behind," said University of Memphis Economist John Gnuschke.

Gnuschke says as the nation's economy improves, so will ours. 

Things are looking good across the country.

The national unemployment rate fell from 8.1 percent in August to 7.8 in September though some dispute the numbers.

"We have had some positive local job growth but statewide the numbers have not been all that grand," said Gnuschke.

Tennessee is almost a percentage point behind the country at 8.5 percent, even though the State is reporting an increase in jobs in construction, food services and business services.

Gnuschke believes to see real improvement, Tennessee is going to have to make a global push to bring employers to our state.

"And when I say globally I mean globally," said Gnuschke.  "We can't restrict our search for employers to domestic markets."

He says creating more jobs is going to put people back to work and help those who are already employed find better ones, "They can't get a better job until new jobs are created

Gnuschke says he would like to see our unemployment rate numbers go down to about four percent.

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