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Dyersburg Leaders Planning Urban Hiking Trails

(Dyersburg, TN) The City of Dyersburg is planning new ways to make the town safer, its people happier and safer for all pedestrians.

Gary Henry makes his daily commute past Dyersburg State Community College, but not having sidewalks is a problem for him.

“It’s dangerous,” said Henry. “You get some people that gets very close to you and I've got to jump up on the grass so they don't hit me.”

That’s something the recreation committee for the City of Dyersburg hopes to change.

“We've kind of taken it upon ourselves to develop walkways and bikeways and try to get some initiatives going to enhance Dyersburg,” said Bart Williams, committee chairman and city alderman.

First on its plan are Urban Hiking Trails.

Williams says they'll start the project by using existing sidewalks.

From there, they hope to get the funding to build new ones and connect older parts of the city to newer.

Williams says the hiking trails will be measured and color-coded.

"So if people said, 'I want to walk a mile and a half, well, I'll take the yellow trail',” he said. “If they want to walk three they might take the red trail and so on and so forth and so they can do a combination of trails and walk even further.”

Williams hopes urban trails are the first steps to a healthier community.

“We want to make our town more attractive to industries that might want to move here, we want to make it more attractive aesthetically, we want to promote fitness and we want to promote safety,” he said.

And that's something Henry wouldn't mind, “I think it's a good idea.”

Williams said this project is still in the design phase.

He hopes the first trail is marked and ready to go in the next three to four months.

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