Mailman Robbed At Gunpoint

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(Memphis) Police have one man in custody and are looking for another in the robbery of mail carrier Monday morning.

It happened while the postal worker was delivering mail in the 2400 block of Bethlehem Avenue in Frayser.

Police say two masked gunmen approached the mailman as he was getting into his truck and asked that he hand over the trays of mail he was carrying.

They also took his mail bag.

One neighbor says he noticed the mail carrier standing by his truck and some mail on the ground, but had no idea he was being robbed.

"I thought my neighbor had dropped his mail," said Raymond Boles.

Police say the suspects left the scene in a silver Lexus.

Neighbors say it's likely they were after government checks being delivered by mail.

"It was on the first so that's the only think I could think. They were looking for people's checks," said Boles.

Police were able to link 23-year-old Delrico Dansberry to the crime and the mail carrier identified him as the driver of the Lexus.

Dansberry has been charged with aggravated robbery, but could also be looking at some federal charges.

The United States Postal Inspection Service is now investigating the robbery.