Election Commission Prepares For Early Voting

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(Memphis) The Shelby County Election Commission is preparing for early voting which is set to begin in less than two weeks.

Today auditors from Watkins Uiberall were at the commission to inspect early voting machines.

“We are checking ballots to make sure we’ve got all of the different ballot styles. There are 68 different ballots styles and were checking each precinct,” said Daniel Moore from Watkins Uiberall.

Shelby County Election Administrator Richard Holden said voters should not expect any problems when they showed up at the polls.

Dozens reported issues in the August election.

“One of the issues had to do with redistricting and what we’ve done with redistricting is we’ve had the state, we’ve also had an outside vendor and the university of Memphis to look at all of the data to ensure every voter is in the correct location and every voter will get the correct ballot,” said Holden.

“We have completed the process, it has been looked at by two groups and its being looked at by a third now,” added Holden.

Early voting begins October 17th. The last day to register is October 8th.

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