Police say Man Died Due To Meth Lab Fire

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(Memphis) The State has quarantined a home that police say has been used as a meth lab..

There was a fire in the home on Priscilla Drive over the weekend, where a man was killed.

Now a woman is in jail.

Police say the woman claims she was not inside the house at the time of the explosion, that she was down the street when she saw her friend emerge from the house obviously injured. 

Police say 29-Year-Old Mario McCallister died of severe burns after cooking meth inside the Raleigh home.

Officials say they found all the ingredients to make methamphetamine in the kitchen.

Officers arrested Traci Bowles who lives there, and who apparently drove her injured friend to the hospital, instead of calling an ambulance.

“There was an explosion? Oh my gosh!” said one neighbor.

Walker said she was at work Saturday when the fire happened.

Police found burned clothing in the kitchen and blood all over the house.

The neighbor says she had no idea her neighbors were possibly cooking drugs, “No. Not at all,” she said.  “Not at all.”

In fact, she says she’s only had positive experiences with Bowles, the woman now in jail, “And you know I have kids so it`s pretty scary. I let this girl in my house.”

Now the house next door is deemed a threat to human health.

“I just can`t imagine that sort of thing happening in our neighborhood.”

Bowles is being held in jail on a $250,000 bond.

Anybody who tries to go inside the quarantined house could spend up to six months in jail.