MCS Discusses Sex Education Bill

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(Memphis) The Memphis City Schools Administration is working to carry out SB3310 that was signed by Governor Bill Haslam in May.

The bill requires that when it comes to sex education, all parents be notified 30 days before.

The bill will also require parents to submit written notices if they do not want their child to participate in sex education.

The bill went into effect in July, however Memphis City Schools is working to notify parents.

Deborah Hester Harrison is the President of Girls Incorporated and thinks the notice to parents will allow for communication, "Hopefully that does also encourage parents  then to talk to their kids. It gives them a staring point."

MCS released this statement: 

Memphis City Schools has responded to the law by giving parents more choice, which was the intent and spirit of the law. The new law is “parent centric” and provides more accountability to districts.

We will look forward to partnering with agencies and the community in the coming week to assist parents in exercising full choice as to whether they want to opt-in or opt-out for the sexual education portion of the Family Life Curriculum. Permission forms will be sent home to parents. They will then choose to opt-in or opt-out of that portion of the curriculum. 

We agree with the spirit of giving parents more choice in this matter and look forward to providing ways where parents can exercise that choice.