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Group Working To Improve Trust Between Police and Community

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(Memphis) A Mid-South organization says the community's trust in officers is at an all-time low, after over two dozen officers have been arrested this year alone.

Mozell Malone says some of the Memphis Police officers are too aggressive.

He believes there are good cops, but says there are too many bad ones, “It’s not fair they bully the people, it’s not fair to anybody."

Others also say they see it, creating a fear and distrust for the boys in blue.

As a result many won't call on police when crimes happens, believing police don't really care.

“It shouldn't be when crimes go on it takes them hours and hours to get over here,” Malone said. “Whenever things are done, folks had already got away.”

The distrust grows as more officers find themselves on the other side of the law.

Twenty-five officers have been arrested this year alone.

“We're very saddened by it because we do not want this kind of exposure for our police department,” said Melissa Miller-Monie, with the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center. “We don't want our children to see those images of the police department.”

That's why they’re working to bridge the gap between Memphis Police and the people it serves.

They believe an open conversation can break down barriers like fear, distrust and racial profiling.

Miller-Monie says a plan is in motion to have a community leader partner with an officer from each of the nine precincts, “They'll be going out into the community where people feel like their voices aren't being heard."

The center says officers do care, but the lack of conversation is keeping communities from being as vibrant and healthy as they could be.

“The community can be safe and people can come out and walk and not worry about someone trying to rob them,” Miller-Monie said.

The Memphis Police Dept. did not offer any comment on the action plan on Wednesday.