Frayer Mother says Daughter Suffered Concussion at School

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(Memphis) A Frayser mother is angry after she says her daughter suffered a concussion at school and no one called an ambulance or her emergency contact.

The incident happened Tuesday at Trezevant High School.

She says the 10th grader was dropped on her head.

The mother of the 15-year-old girl says somebody at the school should have helped her daughter when she was complaining of a headache and memory loss.

“They let her walk around with her head hurting and her neck hurting and she couldn’t remember anything,” said the Mom, who wants to go by “Tanya”

She is speaking in shadows about what she says happened to her daughter.

She says Tuesday, during art class, a fellow student picked her daughter up and dropped her on her head. It was all in horseplay, but her daughter Santeria suffered a concussion.

“I have been feeling OK. My head hurts,” said Santeria.

Tanya is angry because she says she didn’t find out her daughter had been injured until she picked her up at the end of the school day.

“They didn’t call the paramedics,” she said.  “They didn’t call my emergency contacts.”

Memphis City Schools said the principal tried to get in touch with Tanya but her phone was off and her emergency contact information wasn’t in the system. 

As for calling the paramedics, officials say a nurse checked out her daughter Santeria and her daughter reported feeling “fine.”

Still, Tanya insists more should have been done, “Just in case something else happens to another child.”

Memphis City Schools says both of the children involved have been warned before not to be horse playing in the classroom so both are going to be dealing with a one or two-day suspension.