Le Bonheur Patient and Family Face More Obstacles

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(Millington, TN) “For Jim I want to say Go Jim Go!” cheered Ginny Barganier.

Ginny never has never missed a Go Jim Go kick off or telethon, and she's anxiously waiting a very risky and dangerous surgery.

“I just really love Jim, and so I try to be there for him as best as I can,” said Ginny.

With bills piling up to pay for Ginny`s medical care and keep her alive the family’s house is falling apart.   

The roof needs to be replaced and the bathroom ceiling is rotting with mold. 

The house is also not very wheelchair friendly for Ginny, and they want to create a healthy space for the teenager. 

But money’s tight when you have a child with Spina bifida. 

Ginny's mom Michelle says their story is similar to many families at Le Bonheur, “There are people out there I know that will help if they know the need is there."

The Barganiers want to put solar panels in to cut down on the power bill.

Right now, they owe more than two thousand dollars and the bill stays high because of Ginny's respirator and other life support equipment.

“It's anywhere from three to four hundred and sometimes higher than that a month because of her equipment and you have to keep the house warm and cold,” said Barganier.

She says MLGW is flexible with them and told them to pay as they can.

Ginny hopes someone can help take some of the burden of bills and house repair off her parents. 

She says it makes her feel happy when people help, “It just makes me feel really, really happy, and makes me think they really, really love me.

If you would like to help the Barganier family you can email Michelle at doramakess@aol.com.