Group Calling For More Attention to Federal Lawsuit Against City, MPD

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(Memphis) There's more problems for Memphis police and the city itself.

A group wants them to pay 250 million dollars, claiming the department's violating people's civil rights.

A group called, Direct Action, filed the lawsuit last month.

Now the group is trying to gain more attention to what it calls civil rights violations by Memphis police.

The lawsuit doesn't talk about any specifics, but Justin Thompson's family is part of the call to action.

An off-duty officer was involved in the 15 year old's shooting death last week, during what's being called an attempted robbery.

Direct Action claims Memphis Police are responsible for 10-15 deaths over the past year and Thompson's mother says that's excessive.

"They're not putting a stop to it. They're letting these police out here do things, thinking they can kill and all they get is off with pay, that ain't no punishment," said Thompson's mother, Shirley.

Direct Action also wrote a letter to Tennessee governor Bill Haslam asking for a special task force to investigate MPD.

A spokesperson with the mayor's office wouldn't speak about the lawsuit, saying the city does not comment on pending litigation.

At the time, the Memphis Police Department says there are not any plans to change hiring practices.

Tuesday morning, Memphis City Council members will discuss changing the officer application to requirement to include having a college degree. Right now, the requirement is 54 college credits or 2 years of military service.